Come on in!

Come on in!

Welcome to my life… Can I get you a cup of Earl Grey, Coffee (sorry instant only at our house), iced water……gin???

And why don’t you have a scone or biscuit? Store bought of course, because now that I’m the mum of two spirited children, I have not spare minutes left in my life to bake from scratch.

Ah yes, I see you notice my Kenwood Mix Master…and yes, it is new. You see, I like to look at it every now and then, and dream of days when I could spend my time baking all sorts of goodness from scratch in the kitchen.

Let me introduce myself – my name is Ren. And I am a Mum Underground.

After 7 years of parenting my spirited children, that’s what I feel like. A Mum Underground. A hexagon in a world of circle parenting. A Martian Mum. Do you see were I’m going with this?

My entire parenting journey has always been alongside other mums who have had not-so-spirited children. And while I struggled with a miserable, screaming, colicky infant, waking hourly after 2 hours of rocking to sleep, for the first 10 months of his life, the other babies around my life have slept, well….like the figurative babies we hear about.

And when I have met up for playdates, I am that crazy eyed woman chasing her Olympian toddler around the unfenced playground, diving bombing before he sprints onto the road, while the other mum’s sit and catch up on The Bachelorette.

While other mum’s float around doing the grocery shopping with their 2 year old sitting in the trolley, I’m the one with the wild child in full tantrum mode, shattering the glass with her loud banshee wails because her cracker dropped on the floor.

We are loud, exuberant, chaotic. We are the ones that you stare at when we visit the library, because the children are running everywhere, with voices that are set to “loud” or “LOUDER”.

My children are the children that remind you of the tornadoes you see on the Discovery Channel documentaries – I am the original Storm Chaser I’m sure.

We do risk assessments before any family outings – trust me when I say we can’t have outings to the museum unless there is a ratio of 3 adults to 1 child.

Those parents with spirited kids will get it.

And so I have gone through my parenting life feeling like an outsider, like I can’t be my authentic self with other mums.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to “get it” to join me on this crazy ride!!! You don’t need to be a parent! All you need is the ability to join me in having a good old laugh at myself!    

However, I’m also craving stories of the amazingness of the human spirit and human connectedness.

2019 was a really hard year for me (more about that in time to come) but it was also a year of great self- discovery and re-defining of who I actually am. I came to realise that human’s are often actually awesome, truly wonderful people: kind in spirit, generous, inspirational…. And yes there are so many awesome, inspirational famous people out there (some of which I am going to celebrate over time), but you know, sometimes a little bit of “ordinary” can be the most amazing thing too.

So I wanted to invite you on a journey, not just to hear about the unexpectedness and chaos of my life, but to also re-discover the human spirit. Because this discovery really helped me through some really difficult, and very lonely, times.

Hey, your cup seems to be empty, can I get you a refill? Another biscuit (high in sugar and preservatives)???

Ok, so maybe I should have introduced myself and more importantly my little family before I started giving you a glimpse of who I am, and before I gave you tea and bickies (or gin, whichever you picked).

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Ren and I’m 40 something years old – it’s not that I’m secretive, I just can’t remember how old I am. I live in Brisbane Australia with my little crazy family.

I have a 7 year old son, J.J., who happens to be the most beautiful boy that there ever was in the world – just saying…

J.J. was diagnosed with ADHD the middle of 2019 (hang on, let me stuff a biscuit in my mouth…I’m great at emotional eating). The journey that we have had coming to terms with what this actually means – ADHD – has become a huge part of my personal story, so be prepared, there will be lots of yarning about this.

Then we have Rani, our 3 year old daughter, who thinks that she too, is 7. She also considers herself the Queen of the World. Our Rani is a Wild Woman. Thank goodness she was born in 2017, because any previous period in history could not have coped with her wildness….and she is still only 3. The jury is still out as to whether the world is going to cope with her in our current time.

My co-pilot in parenting these gorgeous and exhausting spirited children, is Mr H, my husband, who is also fun to laugh at, but I promised him that I would go easy on him in my story telling (he didn’t however see my fingers crossed behind my back).

Ok…I will tell you that he has only read 2 books in his life, and that’s only hearsay. He swears he has read them, but it wasn’t in the duration of our relationship, I have never seen him open them. For those who are interested, the books are Roots (yes that great old classic), and a bodybuilding book by Arnold Shwarzenegger before he became the Arnold Shwarzneger.

So welcome to my world! It really is so nice to have you here with me, and I can’t wait for us all to laugh and cry and celebrate over fake biscuits and virtual tea!

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  1. I loved reading all of this! Thank you Ren for putting yourself out there and in such a loving and funny way. Love the writing. Yes gin IS the answer! I love the “Your Majesty” day!

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